BrickBox (JMAC)
Recommended for Ages 12+

2hrs 30min including 15 min intermission

September 28th 2023, 7:30 pm Subscriber and Member Preview performance
September 29th 2023, 8:00 pm Preview performance
September 30th 2023, 2:00 pm Preview performance
September 30th 2023, 8:00 pm Preview performance
October 1st 2023, 2:00 pm Opening
October 5th 2023, 7:30 pm
October 6th 2023, 8:00 pm
October 7th 2023, 8:00 pm
October 8th 2023, 2:00 pm
October 12th 2023, 7:30 pm
October 13th 2023, 8:00 pm
October 14th 2023, 2:00 pm
October 14th 2023, 8:00 pm
October 15th 2023, 2:00 pm Closing

“Yes, I have tricks in my pocket, I have things up my sleeve. But I am the opposite of a stage magician. He gives you illusion that has the appearance of truth. I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion.”

A family drama of great tenderness, charm, and beauty, The Glass Menagerie is an icon of the American theater. The story follows Amanda Wingfield, a remnant of Southern gentility now living in a dingy apartment with her son, Tom, and her daughter, Laura. The father has deserted them, leaving Tom to support his mother and sister with a shoe-factory job he finds unbearable. When Amanda convinces Tom to bring home from his workplace a “gentleman caller” for Laura, the illusions that Tom, Amanda and Laura have each created to make life bearable shatter.

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Written by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Livy Scanlon

Costume Design … Jessica Beyer
Lighting Design … Laura J. Eckelman
Properties Coordinator … Becki Gray

OLDER TOM … Steven Barkhimer*
AMANDA … Cheryl McMahon*
YOUNGER TOM … Brad Goren-Wilson
LAURA … Meri Stypinski*
JIM … Luis Rivera Figueroa*

Production Stage Manager … Jane Siebels*
Production Manager … Lisa Hackman
Wardrobe Supervisor … Perri Sylvester 

*Member, Actors’ Equity Association


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