The Mighty Wurlitzer

An instrument of majestic proportions.

The Mighty Wurlitzer, Close-Up Side View

10,000 hours of work. 2,495 pipes. One man’s dream turned into a magnificent piece of living history.

The Mighty Wurlitzer, assembled and gifted to the theatre by Donald Phipps, is recognized as one of the cultural jewels of Worcester. As a board director of the Eastern Massachusetts Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society, Phipps followed in the footsteps of our theatre’s founders, with his vision of restoring a treasured piece of our heritage.

With castanets, sleigh bells and the clip-clop of horses’ hooves and more, one organist at the Mighty Wurlitzer can replicate the sounds of an entire symphony orchestra. As a distinguishing feature, the Mighty Wurlitzer enhances the preservation of our rich history and the era of luxurious, vaudeville theatres.

It captures your imagination. You will always remember the sound of it and relish the idea of bringing it back to life.

As stewards of this incredible gift, it is our responsibility to ensure the Mighty Wurlitzer is properly cared for and remains a fitting legacy to the work of Don Phipps and the organ team.

Every dollar raised for the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ Fund supports the maintenance of this majestic instrument and creates opportunities where it can be shared with patrons and the greater community.

The Hanover Theatre’s Mighty Wurlitzer Organ has been delighting audiences since 2009 at silent films, the annual production of A Christmas Carol, special events and prior to select performances.

Pre-Show Concerts

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Wurlitzer Concerts

Enjoy an entertaining and informative musical journey featuring the largest and most versatile theatre pipe organ in New England. Utilize the Wurlitzer Organ Concert filter on the theatre’s event listing for the most up to date list of upcoming events.

Dr. Jonathan Kleefield
Resident Organist

Donald Phipps
Donor and Technical Consultant

Bruce Hager

Jon Anderson
Assistant Curator

Ralph Swick
Organ Team Member

During the installation process, Don Phipps and his crew invested over 10,000 hours of work on the project.

How Can You Help?

Your gift to the Mighty Wurlitzer Fund provides support for the stewardship of this rare instrument for the Worcester community.

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