Worc at Play: Actor Training and Professional Performance for Greater-Worcester Residents 18+

A new initiative

A new initiative of The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts, The Hanover Theatre Repertory (THT Rep) has launched Worc at Play: a no-cost Shakespeare training and performance program for residents of Greater Worcester ages 18+, offered in partnership with The Hanover Theatre Conservatory.

The first class of Worc at Play actors performed in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, which played free and open to the public on the Worcester Common throughout August 2021. In the fall of 2022, the second class of Worc at Play actors performed in Macbeth, a sleek, bleak rendition of Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy.

Putting people together from different backgrounds should not be only something that people with money have access to. Theatre and art should be something that everyone has access to and have the chance to be enchanted with this world that that is so amazing.

Cristiano Lourenço, Jr., Worc at Play actor

Worc at Play endeavors to cultivate aspiring adult actors of all skill levels, including absolute beginners. Ideal Worc at Play candidates are:

  • Residents of greater Worcester
  • Diverse in age, race, socioeconomic class, gender identity, sexual orientation, immigrant status and lived experience
  • Age 18 or older
  • Not affiliated with or a member of Actors’ Equity Association
  • Comfortable speaking and reading English as a first, second or subsequent language (accents welcome)
  • Disciplined, rigorous, reliable and joyful

Stay tuned for future Worc at Play opportunities.

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