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2024-2025 Season Auditions

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for The Hanover Theatre Repertory (THT Rep)!

Below, please find information to schedule and prepare for an appointment.

Please note THT Rep partners with Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), the union for professional actors and stage managers in the United States. AEA members, Equity Membership Candidates (EMC) and Non-Union actors are all welcome to audition per AEA rules. Full details below. Auditions for our Worc at Play program will be announced separately.

About THT Rep

An initiative of The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts, THT Rep engages, entertains, and energizes audiences with dynamic theatrical events made in and for Worcester, Massachusetts, with a focus on classics, modern classics and classics-inspired works.

THT Rep’s administrative offices are located at 2 Southbridge St., Worcester, MA 01608. The 2024-2025 season will be performed in the Worcester BrickBox Theater at the Jean McDonough Arts Center, 20 Franklin St., Worcester, MA 01608.

Troy Siebels
President and CEO
The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts

Livy Scanlon
Artistic Director


Monday, June 24, 2024, from noon to 8 p.m., with a break from 5 to 5:30 p.m.


Jean McDonough Arts Center
20 Franklin St.
Worcester, MA 01608

Accessible by the MBTA Commuter Rail Framingham/Worcester line. Parking available at Federal Plaza Garage, 570 Main St., Worcester, MA 01608.


All productions are under negotiation on Actors’ Equity Association Small Professional Theatre Category 5, with the following weekly compensation, current through June 2, 2024: Actor $512; Stage Manager $616; Assistant Stage Manager $570. Health $179/week; Pension 8%.

EMC and Non-Union pay averages $350 per week and is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Housing, transportation, gas and mileage reimbursement and other arrangements for all actors are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Validated garage parking is available for all creative team members.


The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Directed by Livy Scanlon
Featuring an All-Female Cast

Plot Synopsis: Among the greatest American plays ever written, The Crucible is a gripping drama set in Salem, Massachusetts, during the infamous witch trials of the late 1600s. The story follows John Proctor, a young farmer whose affair with former servant Abigail Williams incites a chain of events that leads to mass hysteria. As fear and paranoia consume the town, innocent people are convicted of witchcraft and sentenced to death. Ultimately, Proctor must confront his own integrity and decide whether to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

About the Production: Set in Salem jail at the height of the witch trials, this fully realized production of The Crucible builds on THT Rep’s 2023 experimental staged reading featuring an all-female cast. Facing dire consequences, the wrongly accused women of Salem choose to act out the story of their society’s descent into madness.

Key Dates
First Rehearsal: August 27, 2024
Tech: September 14-15, 2024
Previews/Opening: Week of September 16, 2024
Closing: October 6, 2024

Seeking ACTORS WHO IDENTIFY AS WOMEN for the following roles:

  • John Proctor: 30s-40s. Any ethnicity. Weary of authority. Deeply complex and conflicted.
  • Elizabeth Proctor: 30s-40s. Any ethnicity. Stoic. This role is cast. Actors will be considered for understudy/emergency replacement.
  • Deputy Governor Danforth: 50s-70s. Any ethnicity. Severe.
  • Judge Hathorne: 30s-50s. Any ethnicity. Subservient to Danforth.
  • Reverend Parris: 40s-60s. Any ethnicity. Paranoid. Self-centered. A “fire and brimstone” style preacher.
  • Reverend Hale: 20s-40s. Any ethnicity. Idealistic. Intellectual. The opposite of Parris in his style as a preacher.
  • Giles Corey: 60s-80s. Any ethnicity. Cantankerous.
  • Thomas Putnam: 40s-60s. Any ethnicity. A wealthy, entitled landowner.
  • Ann Putnam: 30s-40s. Any ethnicity. Odd and traumatized.
  • Rebecca Nurse: 60s-70s. Any ethnicity. Wise, warm, and grounded, with a whiff of superiority.
  • Francis Nurse: 60s-80s. Any ethnicity. Husband of Rebecca Nurse.
  • Herrick: 20s-30s. Any ethnicity. A constable.
  • Ezekiel Cheever: 30s-50s. Any ethnicity. The newly appointed clerk of the court, he’s a bit of a lackey.
  • Tituba: 20s-60s. Black. Originally from Barbados, she is the house servant to Reverend Parris.
  • Abigail Williams: Reads late teens. Seeking an actor 18+. Any ethnicity. Disturbed, abused, volatile, manipulative, and extremely intelligent.
  • Betty Parris: 10-12. Any ethnicity. Abigail’s cousin.
  • Mary Warren: Late teens. Any ethnicity. Awkward and easily influenced.
  • Susannah Walcott: Teens. Any ethnicity. Unassuming.
  • Mercy Lewis: Teens. Any ethnicity. A bully.

4th Annual Edgar Allan Poe Double Header
Created and performed by Livy Scanlon

Plot Synopsis: The Poe Double Header consists of short stories “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Cask of Amontillado.”

About the Production: At turns dark and darkly funny, this 60-minute solo show is staged as a séance, conjuring two of Poe’s most notorious narrators.

Key Dates
First Rehearsal/Tech: October 29, 2024
Opening: October 30, 2024
Closing: November 2, 2024


  • Narrator: Any age, any gender, any ethnicity. This role is cast. Actors will be considered for understudy/emergency replacement.

Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare
Directed by Brendon Fox

Plot Synopsis: A delightful romp, Shakespeare’s Much Ado follows the tangled affairs of Benedick and Beatrice, two fiercely independent souls engaged in a battle of wits, and the sweet courtship of Claudio and Hero, whose young love is threatened by jealousy and deception. This sharp-tongued comedy proves that, sometimes, the biggest fuss is made over absolutely nothing at all.

About the Production: Following a successful rep of Katie Bender’s Judith and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, director Brendon Fox returns to helm Much Ado, continuing THT Rep’s commitment to a fresh, fun, accessible approach to Shakespeare’s work.

Key Dates
First Rehearsal: March 12, 2025
Tech: April 5-6, 2025
Previews/Opening: Week of April 7, 2025
Closing: April 27, 2025
Possible Extension Through May 4, 2025


  • Beatrice: 40s. Female presenting. Any ethnicity. Witty while masking her vulnerability; passionate, forthright. This role is cast. Actors will be considered for understudy/emergency replacement.
  • Hero: 20s. Female presenting. Any ethnicity. High status and observant. Cares deeply for Beatrice. Inexperienced with love but sharper than others give her credit for. Introverted but witty.
  • Margaret: 20s. Female presenting. Any ethnicity. Maid in Leonato’s household. Sassy, sex-positive, witty. Adores Hero and her family.
  • Ursula: 20s-40s. Female presenting. Any ethnicity. Hero’s best friend. Warm, compassionate, trustworthy.
  • Benedick: 40s-early 50s. Male presenting. Officer under Don Pedro, he begins the play with a large ego masking persistent feelings for Beatrice. Witty and proud, with a sensitive side and commitment to morality.
  • Don Pedro: 40s-50s. Male presenting. Any ethnicity. Head officer of Messina’s army. Charismatic, charming, sizeable ego, proud, quick to judge.
  • Claudio: 20s. Male presenting. Any ethnicity. Young officer under Don Pedro, fiery temper but warm with his male friends, awkward and shy when wooing, naïve.
  • Leonato: 50s-early 60s. Male presenting. Any ethnicity. High status, Governor of Messina, father to Hero and uncle to Beatrice, congenial and warm, very traditional when it comes to gender roles.
  • Antonio/Antonia: 50s-early 60s. Any gender. Any ethnicity. Sibling to Leonato and loving uncle/aunt to Beatrice and Hero. Traditional, sweet, and quick to defend the family.
  • Dogberry: 30s-early 60s. Any gender. Any ethnicity. Head of Messina’s small police force. Sweet. A bit bumbling and earnest, full of malaprops, loves to mentor Verges, long-winded but somehow not annoying.
  • Don John: 30s-40s. Any gender. Any ethnicity. Don Pedro’s clever half-sibling and former officer who went to war against him. Sly, seething, canny, and sharp.
  • Borachio: 20s-30s. Male presenting. Any ethnicity. Don John’s former lieutenant. Cocky, smart, funny. Wants to impress Don John. Loves drinking and having a good time with Margaret, ultimately remorseful for his part in villainy.
  • Conrade: 20s-30s. Any gender. Any ethnicity. Looks up to Don John and Borachio, loves to embrace mischief and chaos like them.
  • Balthasar: 20s. Any gender. Any ethnicity. Very young soldier under Don Pedro. Open, guileless, enthusiastic.
  • Oatcake: 20s-40s. Any gender. Any ethnicity. Excitable, working-class volunteer for Dogberry’s Watch.
  • Reverend Francis: 30s-60s. Any gender. Any ethnicity. Jovial, smart, insightful, wise, empathic.
  • Verges: 20s-60s. Any gender. Any ethnicity. Over-enthusiastic deputy to Dogberry. Not the sharpest tool. Eager to prove their mettle to the boss, but unaware of their own mistakes and malaprops.
  • Sexton: 30s-60s. Any gender. Any ethnicity. Down-to-earth, deadpan Church official presiding over taking evidence of Borachio and Conrade’s crimes.
  • Seacoal: 20s-50s. Any gender. Any ethnicity. Grounded and curious working-class person. What they lack in intelligence they make up for in enthusiasm.


Please prepare a Shakespearean monologue not to exceed 60 seconds. Be prepared to demonstrate any special skills listed on your resume, especially singing.

Please bring one copy of your headshot and resume, stapled together. If headshots and resumes are not properly trimmed and stapled, you will not be seen for an audition.


Livy Scanlon
Artistic Director, THT Rep


Please click here or cut and paste into your browser, then follow the instructions provided.

Audition requests must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, June 19. Per the rules of Actors’ Equity Association, their members will be scheduled first. Remaining appointments will then be scheduled for Equity Membership Candidate and Non-Equity actors, in that order.

If you have a question or need assistance, please email [email protected] with the subject line THT Rep Auditions. Thank you!

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