Tuition & Financial Assistance

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Payment may be made in full at the time of registration, or in monthly installments. Tuition is non-refundable. If the student withdraws or is dismissed from class, installment charges will continue until the full tuition balance is paid. Late or declined payments will incur an additional $20 service fee per month. If tuition is not settled by the end of the semester, students will not be permitted to perform in any end of semester performances.

Withdrawals and Refunds

THTC has a final sale policy for all ticket purchases, tuition payments and fees. No refunds are issued for missed classes, schedule changes, class transfers, student withdrawals or students under disciplinary action. Requests to transfer or withdraw from classes due to extenuating circumstances (health or relocating out of state) must be submitted in writing to the conservatory for review and consideration of revised enrollment or pro-rated tuition credits. Approved tuition credits are not guaranteed and may be used for future classes only. Tuition credits cannot be used for tickets or other merchandise. Tuition credits expire if not used by the end of the following semester.

In the event that in-person classes must move to a virtual format (Zoom), tuition prices will remain the same and the final sale policy will remain in effect.

Financial Assistance

Payment Plans

Monthly payment plans are now available online at no additional cost for orders over $200. If you would like to take advantage of online payment plan options, you will need to create one order for all half year classes and a separate order for all full year classes. Please note that payment plan options will not appear if your cart contains a combination of half and full year classes. All monthly payment plans require a credit card saved on file, and payments can only be made by credit card. Please email [email protected] with questions.


Scholarships for winter/spring semester classes are available. To apply, please fill out the scholarship application form by clicking the link below and following all instructions.

Applications are due by Monday, January 8.

Scholarship FAQs

Who can apply for financial assistance?

Any family or individual who feels unable to afford the full tuition cost of desired classes may apply for financial assistance.

How do I apply?

How is financial assistance determined and how often?

The conservatory makes decisions for assistance based upon financial need and the amount of scholarship funds available at a given time. Household income, the number of dependents in a family and any other special financial circumstances will be taken into consideration. Because funds are limited, financial assistance is not guaranteed and if a scholarship is awarded, it may not be for the full amount requested.

Applications for assistance towards full year classes should be submitted at the beginning of the fall semester. Applications for assistance towards half year classes should be submitted at the beginning of either the fall or winter/spring semester.

If a scholarship is granted, regardless of the amount, what are the expectations?

  • Write at least five (5) thank you notes within the first 10 weeks of the semester to donors who make conservatory scholarships possible.
  • Participate in curtain speeches at select performances (upon request) during the theatre’s Access to the Arts campaign.
  • Participate in all end-of-year or end-of-semester performances.
  • Volunteer up to five hours each semester (upon request) at select conservatory events such as open houses or performances.
  • Maintain regular attendance to and demonstrate satisfactory progress in (as determined by their instructor in consultation with the conservatory president) all classes or programs they are enrolled in. If other activities might preclude regular attendance, please discuss this with the conservatory president in advance. If a student drops out for reasons other than health or extenuating circumstances, families will be asked to pay back the amount awarded. This requirement allows us to assure that families and individuals accepting financial support are making their studies at the conservatory a priority.

Any special circumstances that will result in non-compliance with the above should be brought to the conservatory president’s attention as soon as they occur.

How will I know if I receive financial assistance?

We will try to respond within two weeks following the specified application deadline. You can always log in to your Submittable account once you have submitted your application to check the status.

If English is is not the first language for an applicant, we are happy to meet with you if you need help understanding the obligations or application.

For More Information

Please email [email protected] with questions.

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