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front entrance to the hanover theatre.

The life and death and rebirth of The Hanover Theatre is very symbolic of what’s happening to our city.

old sepia photo of hanover theatre seating filled with people.

hanover theatre auditorium seating.

A Cultural Jewel of Central Massachusetts

Curtains up on the cultural jewel of central Massachusetts.

With sweeping grand staircases and elegant chandeliers, The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts transports its audience back to the time when a night out at the theatre was one of the most delightful entertainment options available. Today, it serves as a center of culture, education and community. It also symbolizes the rebirth of a city.

Selected by POLLSTAR as one of the Top Theatres in the World, The Hanover Theatre seats 2,300 audience members before its historic stage. Renovated and restored in 2008, the theatre brings internationally recognized performers, popular Broadway shows and thought-provoking stage pieces to central Massachusetts. Our restoration and therefore new ability to bring the world to Worcester served as a catalyst of the revitalization of Worcester’s (and central Massachusetts’s) cultural district. With the theatre at its center, our city became a place where the performing arts were not only accessible, but world-renowned.

View our Annual Report to the Community to see what we have accomplished in the past fiscal year.

Our Mission & Vision

To ignite and nurture a passion for the performing arts in audiences and artists of today and tomorrow.

To be a dynamic downtown destination where all people can experience the transformative power of the performing arts.

We’re constantly striving to live our mission and vision. From partnering with local businesses to providing multiple educational programs for our youth, getting the top Broadway tours of today to future programming on the new plaza, our ambitions are mighty.

The Hanover Theatre has brought vibrancy and energy to Worcester since its opening in March of 2008. It has played host to world-class cultural entertainment and attracted hundreds of thousands of people into Worcester. The architectural significance of the theatre is undeniable and must be treasured and supported. UniBank is pleased to play a role in the preservation of The Hanover Theatre so it will remain among the city’s cultural driving forces.

James Paulhus, president of UniBank

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