The Circus Life

New footage from behind the scenes with CIRQUE ELOIZE: CIRKOPOLIS has just arrived, and we’re thrilled to share with you some personal interviews from members of the creative team and performers!

Go behind the scenes with the masterminds of CIRQUE ELOIZE: CIRKOPOLIS as they explore the art of theatre, dance, and circus.

Witness the incredible flexibility, strength, and balance of Myriam Deraiche, contortionist in this upcoming production. Myriam takes her performance to new heights, discussing the difficulty of performing on not your average kind of theatre stage!

Music plays an important role in the performing arts, but did you know just how much time and energy is put into the creation of sounds and rhythms? Go behind the scenes with Stefan Boucher, musical composter for CIRQUE ELOIZE: CIRKOPOLIS, to learn how everyday household items play into this unique musical score.