Five Things To Know Before You Go: Decades Rewind

The ’60s, ’70s and ’80s come to life when Decades Rewind comes to Worcester on Saturday, October 27. With two hours of choreographed medleys, nostalgic video and more, it is sure to be a must-see roadshow that will have you rockin’ in your seat and singing every note. Visit our website to purchase tickets and check out five fun facts about the band below. 

1. The idea started on a napkin

The idea for Decades Rewind came when co-founders Peter Gatti and Mark Blinkhorn were playing in a cover band. They presented the idea to now-guitarist Al Owen, and it transformed into the show it is today.

2. Generations of experience

Decades Rewind made its debut in November 2015, but has been a lifetime in the making. The band members started playing music when they were kids, and many have performed on stages around the world.

3. No small production 

Decades Rewind is a high-energy theatrical concert experience. With more than 60 songs, 100 costume changes and three big video screens portraying American culture throughout the evening, Decades Rewind is the live concert experience that you’ve been waiting your entire life for. 

4. Hits from all genres

Decades Rewind plays your favorite songs from Motown, the British Invasion, and everything in between. 

“Every song we do is a hit song that you will recognize in about five seconds,” Gatti said. “People tell us that every night. They say, ‘I knew every word to every song!’ You name it, you will hear it.”

5. Picking songs is not as easy as it sounds

Their first show in November 2015 was three-and-a-half hours and included 120 songs. They had to make cuts, but state it was difficult to do so when there is so much good music they love to play.