Student blogger Owen Fitzpatrick returns to give us his take on Blue Man Group, playing April 7 – 10 at The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts.

I’ve always wanted to see Blue Man Group. I feel like it’s become a theater “right of passage.” Certain things in life are meant to be entertaining and funny, without being much more than that. And you know what? That’s perfectly ok. Thirty five million people have delighted in this show in 25 countries. Thirty five million people left their egos at the door and settled into their right-angled theater seats to be entertained without a single spoken word. 

I took a look at the history of the Blue Men. The group was founded in 1987 by three college friends: Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chirs Wink who created a bald, blue character that could both surprise and spark thought. There’s an intentional link between the community of tribal drumming and something alien and un-human about the blue character. Yet, he is meant to be a reflection of us. The founder’s goal was to innovate, create, and inspire through theater production. The global Blue Man Group Productions employs several hundred people all over the world. 

Blue Man Group © MurphyMade

There’s also a dreamlike element to this show of wanting to do something, but never fully fueling that particular dream that I believe secretly nags at all of us. We see someone in a meme or a video on social media dancing, climbing, or adventuring and we think to ourselves – I wonder what I would look like if I did that? Would I be as graceful? As strong or bold? Can I move like that? I think that’s where the odd satisfaction of seeing paint splatter and being immersed in a multi-sensory experience holds its special sauce for Blue Man Group. They are doing what we would not dare to do in our own personal space, our homes, or our work. The Blue Men are timeless, extraterrestrial and futuristic all in the same moment. They are a worthy escape.   

A relaxed sensory experience is what so many of us need right now as we venture back into the world. A rhythmic explosion of paint (they splash over 18,000 gallons of paint per year!) sounds like every little kid’s dream, especially mine. For me the appeal of Blue Man Group is living out loud, unapologetically in color, without the responsibility of the clean up. This show promises to be an awakening of your inner child. I’m most excited to hear the music and see the spectacle of color and light. It took me some time to identify with being an artist, but I know I am one. I believe being an artist chooses you. 

Say YES to fun and come see what the hype is all about. I’m looking forward to seeing Blue Man Group this weekend with my family.

Owen Fitzpatrick