Behind The Scenes with Worcester’s Shining Star Ricky Duran

Hank Stolz spoke with Ashleigh Prince and Ricky Duran about the upcoming show, new music, Worcester and more. Read on for highlights from the interview, or listen to the full interview below. Then tune in to Talk of the Commonwealth with Hank Stolz on WCRN 830AM Fridays at 9 AM and Saturdays at 1 PM for more behind-the-scenes interviews.

Hank: Time now for Behind The Scenes at The Hanover Theatre. Lisa Condit will be joining us in a few minutes, but Ashleigh Prince is here with her very special guest… the one and only: Ricky Duran

Ashleigh: Yes! Good morning, Ricky! 

Hank: Ricky, you have been incredibly productive over the last year. The tunes seem to be flowing out of you. When folks come to the show at The Hanover Theatre, there’s going to be a lot of new music for them.  

Ricky: For sure. There was really not much else I could do, so I just started writing and got in the studio. I’ve been releasing single after single, so there’s going to be a whole new set of music and songs to play for The Hanover 

Ricky Duran is sitting on a wooden stool, dressed in white shoes, dark jeans and a grey blazer. He's holding a red bass guitar as he looks off camera. There is a piano in the background.

Hank: The reception of the songs has been terrific. I understand you have been able to get out and about and play some live gigs. What has that been like? 

Ricky: Its been amazing, yeah. Things have opened up quite a bit. I’ve been playing some shows down here in Austin, Texas. I still haven’t yet played my homecoming show in Massachusetts, so I’m really stoked to get up there and finally, after a year and half, perform for my hometown. Worcester put me on their shoulders throughout my run on The Voice.

Ashleigh: Yes! We’re so excited. I took a peek at your social media and noticed that you’ve made an announcement. You have a new single that it will be released the day before your show at The Hanover – how exciting is that?! 

Ricky: Oh, it’s amazing! It’s perfect timing. There’s a music video also coming out on September 20, and I’m really excited for everyone to see that.

Ashleigh: That is awesome. I think I saw on your Instagram stories that you’ve recorded about 3 music videos that are lined up for this year. Is that true? 

Ricky: Yeah, for sure! I have one for “Star” and “Selfish Love”. I’ll release this first one on the 20, and the other two during the following month. 

Hank: Ricky, you just mentioned how Worcester had supported you during The Voice. You’re a year or so beyond that incredible experience. You’ve been writing song after song, so you’ve really been putting things out there. What is it like now, with a little bit of hindsight? Are there some ups and downs to that experience?

Ricky: I think the downs have been Covid and not being able to capitalize 100% on where I was right after The Voice. I’ve been loving the attention and reception since the show. I have a whole new group of fans that are interested in my music, so that’s been great. 

Ricky Duran is performing on "The Voice" stage in front of two lines of fire. He is wearing an all black suit  and holding a black bass guitar as he sings into a microphone.
(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Hank: Obviously you’re a great singer and songwriter, but your guitar work – which was commented on the judges on the show – is absolutely outstanding. I was always curious if a hot band out there had called you up to collaborate. 

Ricky: I’ve been reached out to by some bands for guitar work. I’ve done some studio work for some bands, but I’ve gotta be putting my own music out there. That’s what comes first for me.

Hank: Ashleigh, is Ricky’s show at The Hanover Theatre sold out? Are there some tickets available? 

Ashleigh: There are still tickets available

Ricky: Yes, I believe there were some seats that are still available. It’s mostly balcony seats left at this point. 

Hank: There you go. Fans, you can still get tickets to see Ricky Duran! As you said Ricky, it’s going to be a homecoming. What can audiences expect? 

Ricky: I think it’s going to be high energy.

I can’t wait for the moment when I step on stage, after a year and a half, and see all of my hometown fans.

Ricky: I’ll be playing some songs from The Voice, which they’ll recognize, as well as some of the singles that I’ve been putting out. I’ll have a full band and some backup singers. My band is ready to go, so it’s going to be high energy and a lot of fun!  

Ashleigh: Yes! It’s going to be amazing. Just a reminder for those who want to tune in, Ricky is going to be doing a social media takeover on The Hanover Theatre Instagram page on the day of the show! I understand that part of that day is the Central Mass/Worcester ‘Out of the Darkness Walk” with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

Ricky: Yes, there’s a lot going on. It correlates with the next single that I have coming out. That’s a song that’s very personal to me, and I decided to release it with the AFSP, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. They’re helping me out with the release, bringing it to a bigger audience for suicide prevention and awareness. 

Hank: Is that a cause that’s near and dear to you, Ricky? 

Ricky: It is. I lost my dad to suicide in 2012. I’ve had this song written for quite a bit and I never really wanted to release it. I didn’t really know how to go about it until I reached out to the AFSP. Im so happy that they’re helping me with the release.  

Hank: Wow, that’s very personal. That will be a big moment when this new song is played at the show. As you said, there’s going to be a lot of energy when you hit that stage for over 2,000 people at The Hanover Theatre. One of the great things, of course, is this wonderful venue. There’s not a bad seat in the house and the acoustics are just awesome. 

Ashleigh: Of course! And we do have a new list of safety protocols.

Hank: Ricky, we have a few more minutes to spend with you here. We’re excited for the show, but what are some other things coming up for you?  

Ricky Duran is performing on "The Voice" stage in front of a blue screen and a drum set. He is wearing a black blazer, a black t-shirt and dark jeans. He is holding an acoustic guitar as he sings into a microphone.
(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Ricky: Let’s see… I’ve teamed up with AFSP for a benefit concert in Austin, Texas on September 12. Besides that, I’ll be coming to Worcester early to prepare for my show at The Hanover Theatre. My single is coming out on September 17, the music video comes out on September 20. After Hanover, I’m hoping to come back to perform more in Massachusetts.  

Ashleigh: That’s great! I was curious, have you ever been to The Hanover Theatre prior to this show? 

Ricky: I went to scope it out before we were supposed to play a year and a half ago, but I’ve never actually seen a concert or show there.

Ashleigh: We will certainly have to change that! I know that it was your birthday a few days ago, so I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday from The Hanover Theatre Staff

Ricky: Thank you so much! 

Hank: Ricky, one more time, what is best way for your fans to get in touch? 

Ricky: Yeah, definitely check me out on social media. I’m big on Instagram and Facebook. You can also find me at  

Hank: And Ashleigh, you said there are still tickets available. What is the best way for people to get tickets for the show?
Ashleigh: The show is September 18 at 8 PM! Get you tickets now, because they could sell out. It’s happened before!