Behind the Scenes with Tyler Henry

Lisa Condit spoke with E! Entertainment’s Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry, before his June 21 visit to The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts. Read on for highlights from the interview and be sure to tune in to WCRN 830AM Radio on Saturdays at 1 pm for more behind-the-scenes interviews.

Lisa: I am so intrigued by your tour and the fact that you’re taking your popular show on E! and adapting it and taking it to the masses throughout the United States. What can our audiences expect? It is described as an interactive event. 

Tyler: After the first season of the show, we had over 175,000 requests for private one-on-one readings, so I immediately knew there was a large demand. Unless I cloned myself, I knew that I couldn’t do that many. I made it a point to hit the road and share this in a way that you really don’t see on the TV show. The live show is really a two-part show. The first part focuses on me sharing the life lessons that I’ve learned from over a thousand readings. People hear more about my story and how I became the “Hollywood Medium.” The second part of the show is completely interactive, with a live audience Q&A, and I go into the audience and do as many readings as I can. It’s fascinating every time because you never know what’s going to happen.

Lisa: To some degree, it’s got to be exhausting for you, being that much in tune and receptive to everything that’s going on around you. How do you rejuvenate yourself and keep yourself fresh and clear as you travel around?

Tyler: I find that alone time is really important. Anything energy related, whether it’s seeing a therapist or being on stage, there is an exchange of energy and it can be very draining, so it’s very important to have alone time. But it’s so gratifying. Sometimes I have a hard time sleeping after the shows because I have so much adrenaline.

Lisa: Do you ever find that you get more of a reading after you’ve left a venue?

Tyler: I find that these readings happen as they were meant to happen. Whether I’m reading eight people or ten people, I find that all of these people were meant to be read. Not everyone can receive a reading one-on-one. I find that a lot of these stories are relatable to people in the audience, so they can take away a sense of closure.

Lisa: How did you first become a medium?

Tyler: This started for me when I was 10 years old after I had a premonition of my grandmother’s death. I had this “knowingness,” and I couldn’t explain it and it ended up being true. Throughout my life, I just started noticing little moments of “knowingness,” which is what I call them, where I would just know things that there’s no way that I could have possibly known. When I would share them, people would validate them. As I became more mature, I was able to see how these would really impact people’s lives and how the departed could teach us a surprising amount about what it meant to be alive, to be a human being and what really matters. These messages have helped me navigate my life, and I think they will help people who show up as well.

Lisa: Do you have any nuggets of wisdom for people who might have those moments of knowing? 

Tyler: I think we all have an intuition. Look at the word. It literally means inner tuition, inner knowledge. I think we all have the ability to connect with that part of us. We just live in a time where the beeps and the buzzes of our phones and our schedules take priority. We live in a distracted time. I think a big part of connecting to that intuition is connecting to a part of ourselves that is not distracted, that is totally present. Doing my work, I’ve found the importance of being present. It allows me to connect. Everybody has the ability to do that. It’s just training ourselves to be in the here and now. That can be easier said than done.

Lisa: There seems to be a movement to be more in the here and now. Do you think that has had any impact on people being more open to mediums?

Tyler: Absolutely. I think that, as people are becoming more distracted, they are looking for a release, an outlet… mindfulness, intuition, gratitude… all those things that people are drawn to on some level, whether subconscious or not. It does allow us to reclaim our power in some way.