Behind the Scenes with Tara Tula from Table Talk Pies

In honor of this Thursday’s Pi Day and our upcoming performances of Broadway’s Waitress, we’re partnering with Table Talk Pies for a “name that pie” contest and various other promotions. Read on to learn more about Table Talk Pies special Pi Day promotions from sales coordinator Tara Tula.

Lisa: Tara, you have a long history with Table Talk Pies and their story is a great one.

Tara: I’ve been with Table Talk for 23 years and have seen many changes. It’s very exciting to see how far we’ve some and how much we’ve grown. We’ve always been very dedicated to the community. I started in 1995. We had one bakery in Kelley Square. Now we have three bakeries.

Lisa:When I was little, the individual pies were such a treat! My friends were lucky enough to get pies in their lunch. You have such a variety of pies.

Tara: We make fresh pies. We make frozen pies. A fully baked pie that we freeze and an unbaked pie that we freeze. We sell private labels to grocery chains around the world.

Lisa: Pi Day is coming up.

Tara: In either 2003 or 2005 a school called asking if we could donate pies for Pi Day activities to make learning fun for the students.

Lisa:Everything is better with pie!

Tara: The first year it was 100 pies or so. Every year a few more schools would call, and then we decided that we should try and push this to all the local schools. Today we are up to about 70,000 pies that we donate to schools. We’ve got schools from Boston to Rhode Island to Connecticut. Many of the schools are in the Worcester area.

Lisa:How long does it take to make all those pies?

Tara: I wish I could tell you. They will all be made fresh. Our pies stay fresh for 12-14 days.

Lisa: What’s you favorite kind of pie?

Tara: I love the blueberry, hot out of the oven.