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Behind the Scenes with “Rockin’ Road to Dublin”

Lisa spoke with Scott Doherty, one of the creators behind “Rockin’ Road to Dublin.” The show that boasts a new generation of Irish dance and rock music will come to The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts on Saturday, May 5. Read on for highlights from the WCRN 830 AM interview, or listen to the full interview below.

Lisa: How did you and Chris Smith come up with this idea? The concept of Irish traditional step dancing with a rock and roll concert combined.

Scott: I’ve been an Irish dancer all my life, and although I love it, I wouldn’t call Irish dancing “cool.” I’ve always wanted to make a show that everyone would go see and say “that’s really cool.” I just happened to become best friends with a drummer who also wanted to make a show. We were talking one day and we realized that we had a lot of similar ideas. It transformed into this Irish dance, Irish music rock and roll phenomenon of a show.

Lisa: I can see how you guys would have a lot in common. I used to dance and I can say the rhythm from the drum and Irish step dancing or tapping  is a great way to combine music and movement together. What are some of the moments we should look forward to in the show?

Rockin' Road to Dublin

Scott: There are plenty of songs that everyone will know already, but if you don’t, that okay too. What’s the best part of a rock and roll concert? Seeing it live. Between the dancers, the band and our singers, there is something for everybody. We have 14 dancers, eight bands and two singers.

Lisa: We are going to be an enthusiastic crowd!

Scott: We have a lot of moments in the show when everyone on stage is going at the same time. It’s one big cast working together throughout the whole show. This is a show for everyone. Everyone walks out of the theatre with the same reaction…”that was awesome.”