Behind the Scenes with deadhorse hill

The Hanover Theatre’s Lisa Condit spoke with Robin Clark, the executive sous chef at deadhorse hill. Read highlights from the interview or listen to the entire interview below.

Lisa: Downtown Worcester has come so far in the last year, never mind the last five or ten years. We have a lot of theatergoers that make a point to get a bite to eat at deadhorse hill first. What do you think the appeal is?

Robin: One thing that’s really unique about us is our atmosphere. We do the same kind of fine dining food that you’re going to find in big cities like Boston and New York. But we give it in such a way that makes everybody feel like family.

Lisa: Where did the name “deadhorse hill” come from?

Robin: The name came from a hill in Worcester. A lot of people who decided to settle out here had to bring their horses up this big, long hill, but a lot of times the horses would not do so well. People were still willing to make that long, difficult track up the hill to start their new life in the area. That kind of shows the new life we want for Worcester and the Worcester food scene. We want to be a part of coming here for something new.

Lisa: I hope that the winner of our Share Something Wonderful package enjoys eating there as much as I do!

What is your go-to meal at deadhorse hill?