Dance - Ballet

Adult Pointe (Ages 18+) SUMMER

A ballet dancer's legs in black leggings and pointe shoes, captured mid-dance in a studio with a mirrored wall and barres for balance.

A class for adult students looking to begin or return to pointe.

Each student will learn the essence of the three quarter pointe and how it is vital to strong, safe, articulate training. Students will learn how to manage their posture and turnout, which are major components to the training and education of pointe work. This class is designed to help strengthen and secure all beginner pointe work plus challenge students in pace, music tempo and longer combinations. Newer technical elements will be added, as well as weight transfer to one leg and one leg balances. The class remains committed to safety, proper posture and the essence of the three quarter pointe training.

Schedule: One 90 min. class/week (11 weeks)

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