Right and Fitting COSTUME FITTINGS

Steve Gagliastro (Mr. Fezziwig/ Charitable Gent) at his Costume Fitting
Steve Gagliastro (Mr. Fezziwig/ Charitable Gent) at his Costume Fitting

We have been in rehearsal for The Hanover Theatre’s “A Christmas Carol” for exactly 2 weeks now. There are 31 members in this year’s cast so starting even before we arrived on November 22, our Costume Designer, Gail Buckley of Costume Works, had her hands full. We all wear multiple outfits in the show, in addition to many accessories spanning from petticoats, to curly hair pieces worn by all the ladies at the Fezziwig’s party, to the decorative crown worn by the Ghost of Christmas Present. Today marks the completion of the casts’ costume fittings. For those of you who don’t know, a costume fitting is when an actor meets with the costume designer and tries on each outfit they’ll wear in the show. During the fittings, photographs are taken and any adjustments needed to be made are marked down. For example, during my fitting, Gail discussed the possibility of trimming the rim of my hat. We won’t be able to wear our costumes until mid-week next week (so I will let you know what happens with my hat then!) however, we were given our shoes to practice with in the meantime. It’s exciting to think about how adding costumes next week will bring our story telling to the next level.

Andrew Oberstein (Christmas Future) wearing his "Show Shoes"

On a side note I wanted to share a special photo of our resident Christmas Caroler, Laura DeGiacomo (Millie). For the past 6 years Laura has brought her adorable daughter, Bella, to her fitting with her. When we move into our dressing rooms at the theatre and I look at Gail’s pictures posted at Laura’s station displaying her costumes, there is Bella posing in the background. Too cute! Looking forward to seeing her official pictures next week. 😀 ~Mrs. Cratchit

Laura (Millie) & Bella DeGiacomo  2013 Costume Fitting
Laura (Millie) & Bella DeGiacomo 2013 Costume Fitting