A Christmas Carol

paJAMa Packed Week

It has been a paJAMa packed week for the cast of A Christmas Carol. We kicked it off with our 5th Annual Pajama Day at rehearsal. Let me tell you, rehearsing with my Cratchit clan adorned in their pjs is just the best. #cutekids PJ Day

And this brings me to my next point, it was discovered this week, that 3 children in our cast are members of “The Society of Former Tiny Tims”! As you may have guessed, they aren’t so tiny these days, but each of these kids has played my baby boy onstage at one point or another. The society includes, Millie Chew, Carter Siebels, Alex Hill, and at least one adult, not pictured below.

Former Tiny Tims

Now in between rehearsing for Christmas Carols opening night, December 16th, this cast has been making multiple appearances in Worcester. Today my husband, Steve Gagliastro (Mr. Fezziwig) and myself were invited to sing on WICN’s Holiday Jazz Jam! Check out this clip from the show:

Lastly, the fabulous Christopher Chew (Ghost of Christmas Present) is performing A Visit from St. Nick: ‘Twas the Night Before the Christmas with the Boston Pops at the Hanover Theatre tonight. I’m told there’s already jam packed audience…or perhaps paJAMa packed 😀