A Ghostly Flight

xmas carol fly

This Sunday was the first flying rehearsal for Marc Geller, the actor who portrays “the ghost of Jacob Marley” in “A Christmas Carol.” Prior to this rehearsal, Marc executed his ghost-haunting scene on foot, traveling paths previously discussed with the director, Troy Siebels. Flying onstage involves more than just one actor in a harness, there are three flymen backstage operating a pulley system, our stage manager Candice D. Mongellow conducting the flymen via use of the “monitor”, our director, Troy, sitting in the audience making sure the overall intent for the scene is achieved, and EBENEZER SCROOGE of course (actor Jeremy Lawrence, playing the part of Marley’s frightened scene partner)! Though Sunday was Marc’s first experience flying onstage, I am told his journey went smoothly. The overall shape of the scene is reflective of previous years, however some new tricks and props have been added that you won’t want to miss! <3 Mrs. Cratchit

Candice Xmas

Candice Mongellow, stage manager, updates her script after the flying rehearsal!