Sustainability & Social Responsibility

The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts is committed to sustainability, social responsibility and building a better world for future generations.

empty interior of hanover theater auditorium.

Blending a historic building with new initiatives.

A Unique Blend of Old and New

From its restoration in 2008 to today, The Hanover Theatre has symbolized a unique blend of old and new. From reusing parts of the original building to updating historic chandeliers with new technology, our theatre stands as a testament to the importance of remembering our past while also looking toward the future.

As part of our vision towards the future, we have made a commitment to be more sustainable and socially conscious. We not only want to foster a love of and provide access to the performing arts for future generations, we want to ensure that the arts will also be available for those generations.

Social Responsibility

Digital Ticketing & Updated Safety Protocols

Health, safety, environmental impact: we’re moving towards contactless, digital ticketing for a number of reasons. Through digital ticketing, we’re able to reduce person-to-person contact, helping to preserve the health and safety of both our guests and our staff. Furthermore, by going digital, we’re decreasing the amount of single-use paper and resources our theatre uses.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

The spotlight’s on diversity and equity in the theatre industry. While we know we have more work to do, The Hanover Theatre is committed to increasing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging both onstage and off. Read more about our efforts.


The impact of the performing arts would be nothing without the performers, tech crew and administrators who work tirelessly to create the experiences that have the power to change lives. On September 1, 2020, we participated in the nationwide #RedAlertRESTART movement to raise awareness for unemployment in the entertainment industry. We lit the theatre red to call for direct aid to the industry’s businesses and employees.


Solar Power Resourcing

Solar power is one of our most important resources: currently, the theatre sources 80% of its power from a solar farm in Leicester, MA. Through solar power, we’re able to save money and reduce our carbon footprint. Based on our energy bills, we’ve helped stop 865,000 pounds of carbon emissions each year: that’s about equal to planting 18,000 new trees!

LED Lighting

Take a closer look at our chandeliers: can you tell which of our lights we’ve replaced with LED bulbs? We’ve switched many of our smaller chandeliers to LED bulbs, handpicking the new lights to ensure that the theatre would retain its regal ambiance and historic aesthetic.

Window Tinting Film

While it may be invisible to the human eye, the thin window tinting film we’ve installed in our lobby windows has a surprising impact. The film helps improve our insulation, keeping sunlight out in the summer and reducing heat loss in the winter. This improved control over the theatre’s heating and cooling system prevents energy waste!

Help Support Our Efforts

Help us continue our social responsibility and sustainability by making a donation to our theatre.

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