A Christmas Carol 2024- Equity Principal Auditions

A Christmas Carol 2024- AUDITION PREPARATION

Adult Character Breakdown

Audition Sides

Adult Timothy
Belle & Young Ebenezer
Ghost of Christmas Present
Mrs. Dilber-Charwoman

Vocal Selection

Prepare a short song showcasing your LEGIT singing voice. A Holiday or traditional Broadway selection is recommended. If you prefer to sing from the show, music and accompaniment is provided here.
*Accompanist and a reader will be provided at our in person auditions. 


  • Slate NAME, HEIGHT, UNION STATUS, and a brief description of your dance or flying background (if applicable for role). Applicants are encouraged to mention if they have local housing.
  • Include one of the attached sides and a short song.
  • Place the camera on a tripod or steady surface. A smartphone camera is fine, but always shoot horizontally. Make sure you are in a well-lit space without a distracting background.
  • Please sound check prior to filming. Smaller rooms with furniture, rugs, etc, will reduce echo.
  • A few of the sides require a reader; the reader should stand just to the right or left of the camera lens, and the actor should play to the reader, not into the camera lens.
  • If you do not see a specific audition side for a role you are interested in, please read for “Storyteller”
  • All recordings should be sent through Youtube or Vimeo links (make sure they are set to “public” or “unlisted”. This link should not require a password, invitation, or email login).

Submission Deadline: Monday, June 24 at 10:00am EST
For additional questions consult, [email protected] and include “ACC ’24 Auditions” in the subject line.

David Costa Photography 2022 featuring the cast of A Christmas Carol
David Costa Photography 2022 featuring the cast of A Christmas Carol

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