September 29 – October 15

Shakespeare’s macbeth

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Cast and Creative Team

From left to right, Tokunbo Joshua Olumide (Macduff), Alexander Platt (Macbeth) and Meri Stypinski (Lady Macbeth) lead a dynamic cast featuring a few familiar faces and a new class of Worc @ Play actor trainees.

It takes a village to produce live theatre! Below, learn more about the full creative team behind Macbeth.

William Shakespeare

Livy Scanlon

Dr. Kathryn Moncrief
Associate Director

Robert St. Laurence
Fight Director (See Also Cast)

Valerie Zolezzi-Wyndham, Promoting Good
DEIB Counselor

Brian Kelly
Directing Observer

Jessica Beyer
Costumer Designer

Christi Dionis
Make-up Designer

Perri Sylvester
Assistant Costume Designer + Wardrobe Supervisor

Brenda Shepard
Lighting Designer + Head Electrician

Sarah MacIntyre
Properties Coordinator

Lisa Hackman
Production Manager

Jane Siebels*
Production Stage Manager

Samantha Knox*
Assistant Stage Manager


Cristiano Lourenço, Jr.**
First Witch

Anna MacInnis**
Second Witch, U/S Lady Macbeth

Karen Richards**
Third Witch, U/S Lady Macduff

Dale Place*

Prreeti Tiwari*

Robert St. Laurence*
Malcolm, U/S Murderer

Yahya Jingo**

Joe Penczak*
Ross, U/S Macbeth, Duncan, Macduff

Robert Isaacson

Alexander Platt*

Meri Stypinski*
Lady Macbeth

Amie Lytle

Hunter Shook

Tokunbo Joshua Olumide

Cameron Ward**
Seyton, U/S Malcolm

Matthew Johnson**
Murderer, U/S Ross

Nick Baker**
Servant, U/S Witches, Captain, Doctor

MarHadoo Effeh
Lady Macduff

Kyle Hargrove**

*Member, Actors’ Equity Association
** Student, Worc At Play

This production of Macbeth was originally developed with The Hanover Theatre Conservatory Youth Acting Company. Special thanks to the cast and creative team of that production, including Meghan Montaner, Erin Kearney, Amanda Lattanzi, Jacob DiLauro, Perri Sylvester, Robert St. Laurence, Brenda Shepard and Jess Beyer.

Plot Summary and Production Concept


Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

PLOT SUMMARY. A celebrated military general, Macbeth encounters a trio of witches who foretell his destiny to rule Scotland. Consumed with ambition and spurred to action by his wife, Macbeth assassinates King Duncan, only to be wracked with guilt and paranoia. To protect his rise to power and deflect suspicion, Macbeth commits more murders, quickly transforming into a treacherous tyrant. Civil war erupts, Lady Macbeth descends into madness and a Scottish noble named Macduff vows to avenge his nation torn asunder.

THT REP’S PRODUCTION. Fair is foul in this fast-paced take on Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy. Cut to a swift 90 minutes and helmed by THT Rep’s Artistic Director, Livy Scanlon, the action comes to life through a large cast and inventive staging with post-apocalyptic vibes. Join us for a sleek, bleak rendition of Macbeth’s bloody rise to power and calamitous demise!

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