Poe Double Header Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s cut to the chase.  What precautions will you take to keep us safe? 

Review the summary of the 15-page safety plan developed together with Actors’ Equity Association, and independently reviewed by Magdalena Slosar-Cheah, MD, an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Immunology at UMass Memorial Medical Center. You can also watch a video walk-through of the venue on YouTube.

Ok, great.  Now, what do you mean when you describe this as a private performance?
Instead of putting tickets on sale for the general public, we will book the new BrickBox Theater just for you and your own private guest list. You are in control of who fills the seats, or doesn’t!

That sounds neat.  Remind me, how many people I can invite?  And what is the booking fee?
In order to observe Governor Baker’s guidelines for indoor events, you can invite up to 19 guests, for a total of 20 audience members, including you. The booking fee is $2500. If you like, you can ask guests to reimburse you for some or all of their seat ($125), or encourage them to donate to The Hanover Theatre’s COVID-19 Resiliency Fund. 

Do I have to invite that many guests?
Nope! This performance can be truly private, either just for you, or for you and a date, or for you and a few family members. Any unused seats will be credited as a tax-deductible donation, at the rate of $125 / seat.

You mentioned something about private performances at my residence.  Would you please tell me more about that?  
For performances booked in your home, we will make arrangements on a case-by-case basis to ensure all permanent residents at your address can safely enjoy the show.

I’m in!  When can I book a performance, and how long is it?
Performances may be booked Thursday - Sunday evenings, October 1-25, 2020, with a start time between 6pm and 8pm. We may be able to accommodate curtain times outside of this window, pending actor availability. The show is approximately 45 minutes in length. To allow for safe, socially distant seating and exiting for performances booked at the BrickBox Theater, please plan for the entire event to take around one hour.

One last thing: what is The Hanover Theatre Repertory, and where is the BrickBox Theater?  
The newest initiative of The Hanover Theater, THT Rep is committed to engaging, entertaining and energizing audiences with dynamic theatrical productions made in and for Worcester’s BrickBox Theater, focusing on classics, modern-classics, and classics-inspired works. Think of it as homegrown, professional theatre, created right here in town with talent pooled not only from central Massachusetts, but also Boston, New England, and New York City.  The BrickBox Theater is a new venue located in downtown Worcester at 20 Franklin Street in the recently-named Jean McDonough Arts Center, around the corner from The Hanover Theater. Learn more at jmacworcester.org.

Also, I’ve always wanted to know: why is it sometimes spelled THEATRE and sometimes THEATER?
Great question!  Mostly, the spellings are interchangeable, but sometimes the -RE ending refers to an organization or the art form itself, while -ER refers to a brick-and-mortar building.