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Virtual Student Matinee: Julius Caesar

May 01 - June 30, 2021

Grades 9-12

Event Description

Presented by THT Rep & The Hanover Theatre Conservatory’s Youth Acting Company

Fearing their republic will become a dictatorship, a group of Roman Senators conspires to assassinate Julius Caesar, presumptive emperor of Rome and the titular character in Shakespeare's iconic political drama. In the aftermath of Caesar's murder, a chaotic civil war erupts. Throughout, the characters and their society navigate the competing forces of honor, reason, patriotism, loyalty, jealousy, friendship and passion.

Originally written with 41 roles for men and 2 roles for women, this production is directed and adapted by Livy Scanlon, artistic director of the new THT Repertory, to reimagine the role of Mark Antony as a female and to expand the role of the soothsayer into a Bacchic gaggle of supernatural beings who not only foresee the future in Ancient Rome, but also serve as a direct connection between the characters in play and the audience looking on.

This production will feature members of The Hanover Theatre Conservatory's Youth Acting Company.

Resources Available

•    Teacher Resource Guide
•    Behind the scenes video content to use in preparation for the show
•    Pre-Recorded Q&A with director, Livy Scanlon & the Youth Acting Company 

Pricing Details

We understand that COVID-19 has had a severe impact on many school budgets as well as individual student/family budgets. In an effort to make our Virtual Student Matinee Series accessible to all, we are implementing a tiered pricing model. 

We trust that teachers and administrators can identify the price that their school/students can afford.

You will be asked to select the option that is appropriate for your school's demographic:
•    Free – Title I Schools Only (made possible by our generous sponsors)
•    $5 Per Student, Per Performance
•    $7 Per Student, Per Performance
•    $10 Per Student, Per Performance

Payment Details

After you submit a reservation request, you will receive an invoice for the number of tickets requested at the price you selected from our tiered pricing model. 

Access to the show will be provided once payment is received. Payment options include:
•    Payment can be made in the form of a check made out to The Hanover Theatre or by calling 508.471.1765 to pay over the phone with a credit card. 
•    If your school requires a longer turnaround time to cut a check:
o    We will accept a 20% deposit on a credit card that will be refunded once full payment is received OR
o    Purchase orders will be accepted as proof of payment for up to 30 days. 

We are happy to work with schools on payment options. 

Accessing the Show

All virtual matinee performances* will be presented via an online platform called Teachable. You will receive a link to the platform as well as an access code unique to your group that will grant access to the performance. 

You can decide to use the access code in the following ways:
•    Teachers create their own account and use the code to access the performance and supplemental resources in the classroom. 
•    Teachers distribute the code to their students if they are learning remotely. Students will create their own accounts (using an email address) and use the access code to move through the online content on their own.

A report of student usage can be provided to teachers upon request. The access code will have a user limit equivalent to the number of tickets you have paid for. 

Additional Resources

All additional resources* will be available through the Teachable platform as well. This includes behind the scenes content, video interviews, study guides and more depending on the production. Both students and teachers will be able to view these resources when signing in to Teachable. 

For Live Zoom Q&As with the cast or creative team, there will either be a pre-determined date and time that all groups can attend, or you may book a private Q&A session for an additional fee. 


*The Hip Hop Nutcracker may require the use of a different user platform and may only be available to view at a specific date and time.