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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Dear Members of Our Community,

At a time when there is so much for us to learn regarding social justice, equity and systemic racism, we are unable to do what we do best as a theatre: bring people together to experience different perspectives and see the world through different eyes. In its highest form, theater sparks conversation and creates social change by creating opportunities for audiences to gain new understanding and greater empathy.

Black Lives Matter. We must respond to this movement with both words and action. We must use this opportunity to reflect and make sure that all people have a voice and a place in our organization, and that we honor and respect their unique and valuable perspectives. When we are once again able to open our doors, it must be to welcome our entire diverse and wonderful community.

We take seriously our responsibility and role as a cultural gathering place, and know that, for us to play that role effectively, our organization must reflect the community around us. We also know we can do better in many ways, ways that we may not even realize yet, but we are committed to listening and incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion into every aspect of our operation.

The good news is that The Hanover Theatre and this industry, has a long history of resiliency and will return, prepared and ready to bring a wide variety of programming that not only entertains and delights, but also reflects the diverse talent of artists and performers from around the world.

Moving forward, our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee will be integral in ensuring that the theatre reflects the powerful diversity of the world for which we live in, both internally and in the entertainment we showcase.

Best wishes,

Troy Siebels
President & CEO

Steve Joseph
Board Chair