Dance - Enrichment

Primary Tap Mixed Level (Ages 7-12) SUMMER

Two children are seen from the knees down, wearing tap shoes and stepping on a smooth surface. One child wears black shoes with frilled socks, and the other wears beige shoes with plain white socks. The background is simple with a light-toned floor and wall.

Tap classes emphasize the flow of movement by teaching students to find rhythms and beats, not only in music but in their own bodies as well.

The focus of each tap class is to improve the student’s sound clarity, rhythm and musicality, timing and phrasing. Class exercises will help build flexibility of the knees and ankles, and enhance speed of movement in a fun, nurturing environment. Summer classes are mixed level. Tap shoes required. See dress code for style.

Schedule: One 60 min. class/week (11 weeks)

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