Worcester Community Action Council

The Hanover Theatre partners with Worcester Community Action Council

In the “spirit” of the season, a portion of the proceeds from our Christmas Carol event on Thursday, December 19 will benefit WCAC’s wonderful programs. Use promo code "WCAC" at checkout to purchase tickets to this event.

"God bless us, everyone!"

WCAC’s fuel assistance and energy efficiency programs assist homeowners and renters with home heating bills, past due balances on utility bills and credit forgiveness. Fuel vendors are paid directly for income-eligible households. Energy efficient weatherization, heating system repair and upgrades can help to stretch energy dollars.
WCAC oversees the program for the city of Worcester and 45 neighboring communities. Each year, WCAC processes nearly 15,000 applications for fuel assistance.
“At the start of the heating season, my family oil tank began to leak. The tank, which was old and rotted, needed immediate replacement. Without the emergency assistance of WCAC, we would not have been able to afford to do that. We are a working family and without this program we would not have been able to get this taken care of quickly and safely. Thank you for what you do!”

- Sarah from Douglas, MA