Support the Donald Phipps
Mighty Wurlitzer Fund

The staff and members of the board feel fortunate to have been given The Mighty Wurlitzer - the largest of its kind in New England.  As stewards of this fabulous gift it is our responsibility to properly maintain the organ and create opportunities where it can be shared with patrons and the greater community.

As a distinguishing feature of the theatre, the Wurlitzer Organ enhances the preservation of our rich history and the traditions of the era of luxurious, vaudeville theatres.  We will continue to utilize the organ for ceremonial events, during our annual production of A Christmas Carol, as a featured attraction for Access Hanover, and as pre-show entertainment at selected performances throughout the season.

Because we want to ensure that The Mighty Wurlitzer is properly cared for and remains a fitting legacy to the work of Don Phipps and the organ team, the theatre has established the Mighty Wurlitzer Fund to preserve, maintain and share with the community this special gift.

Please consider a contribution to The Donald Phipps Mighty Wurlitzer Fund.  Your support will help to secure the organ's future and make it accessible to everyone in our community.

For more information on the fund, contact:

Nel Lazour, director of development

Praise for The Mighty Wurlitzer

"When my wife and I went to The Hanover Theatre on November 5, we were expecting a recognition event for Franklin Square Society members and recognition for Don Phipps and his helpers.  We really had no expectations regarding the performance that we were about to see.  We thought that we would hear a few tunes highlighting the Wurlitzer, hear a few thank you's and be home in short order.  What we got was a delightful evening of true entertainment.  We sat there and were totally enthralled with what we saw and heard. It was a wonderful show and we left with a greater appreciation of The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts and a further endorsement of why we have chosen to support The Hanover Theatre. Kudos to all who made the evening a great success. " - Barry & Jean Alman

Thank you to the following foundations for their
support of our community arts programming and
The Wurlitzer Fund:

American Theatre Organ Society
The Hermann Foundation
Massachusetts Cultural Council
Memorial Foundation for the Blind
Shanklin Music Hall Foundation
Worcester Education Development Foundation
Worcester Arts Council

List last updated May 2017

Pictured from L to R: Assistant Curator - Bruce Hager, Assistant Curator - John Phipps, Resident Organist - Len Beyersdorfer, and Curator of the Mighty Wurlitzer - Donald Phipps