Mythbusters: Behind the Myths

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

2 Hours. Includes 20 minute intermission.

Event Description

Based on the popular Emmy-nominated series, co-hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage will be presenting demonstrations that take the audience behind the myths and explain how they decide which myths to bust.  
Hailing from Indiana farm country, Jamie Hyneman is a multifaceted man: He’s been a wilderness survival expert, boat captain, diver, linguist, animal wrangler, machinist and cook, to name but a few. 
The son of a filmmaker/painter and a psychotherapist, Adam Savage has spent his life gathering skills that allow him to take what’s in his brain and make it real. He’s built everything from ancient Buddhas to futuristic weapons, from spaceships to dancing vegetables, from fine art sculptures to animated chocolate – and just about anything else you can think of. 
MYTHBUSTERS: BEHIND THE MYTHS is comprised of 4 audience participation sections and a finale “contest”. Interspersed with the audience participation segments, Adam and Jamie will take questions from the audience, with storytelling about the show and questions answered being augmented by pictures and video.

Full price tickets are $38, $48, $58, and $68. Limited VIP seats are available for $125 and include premium seating and photo opportunity. 10% discount available for members and groups of 10 or more.