Policies and procedures

Students and parents (when applicable) must agree to The Hanover Theatre Conservatory policies and procedures in order to enroll in a class. 


Payment may be made in full at the time of registration, or you may call the box office to arrange for two 50% payments.  The Hanover Theatre Conservatory will work with families in need of additional payment installments, but this option will incur a 5% fee.  Late or declined payments will incur an additional $20 service fee per month.

Attendance and tardiness

Consistent attendance is crucial to the learning process.  Please notify the Director of Education in advance regarding planned absences, and contact us promptly to advise if students will be late, absent or out sick. Tardiness is very disruptive to class, so please make every effort to be on time. No more than two unexcused absences will be permitted.  Students should carefully review their schedules with parents before registering.

Cancellations and make-up classes

When the conservatory cancels classes, they will be rescheduled.  The Hanover Theatre Conservatory reserves the right to assign substitute teachers for group or private lessons without advance notification to parents and students.  Every effort is made to operate classes on regularly scheduled days and times in order to avoid cancellations.  Absences are not eligible for make-ups.

Private lesson cancellation

If a student needs to cancel a lesson, 24-hour notice must be given.  The student can then reschedule the lesson within the semester.  If 24-hour notice is not given, or a student does not show up for a lesson, no make-up lesson will be given.  Missed lessons are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Withdrawal and refunds

The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts has a final sale policy for all ticket purchases, tuition payments and fees.  No refunds are issued for missed classes, schedule changes, class transfers, student withdrawals or students under disciplinary action.  Requests to transfer or withdraw from classes must be submitted in writing to the conservatory for review and consideration to revise enrollment or allow pro-rated tuition credit.  Approved tuition credits may be used for future classes only, and cannot be used for summer programs, tickets or other merchandise.  Tuition credits expire if not used by the end of the following semester. 


During the registration process, students (or parents when applicable) will be required to consent to and acknowledge the following upon registration: Photo & Video Consent, Release of Liability and Emergency Care Authorization.

Behavior expectations

THTC maintains a strict zero tolerance policy in regards to physical and verbal abuse, bullying, cyber bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, theft, vandalism, and the use of any and all illegal substances.  THTC is committed to providing a safe and secure environment in which respect, tolerance and teamwork are the standards.  Any student found to be in violation of this policy will be suspended and/or expelled and tuition refunds will not be considered.  THTC reserves the right to dismiss any student from programs due to repeated inappropriate behavior.


Cell phones, iPods, and other electronic devices must be turned off or on silent during classes and rehearsals unless a teaching artist specifically asks students to use them for an educational purpose.


Parents, guardians, family members and guests are not allowed to attend classes or rehearsals unless they are invited by the teaching artist to do so.  Students are not allowed in any area of The Hanover Theatre other than the conservatory without instructions or permission from a teaching artist.  THTC is not responsible for any lost, stolen or misplaced belongings. Any food or drink, besides water, is strictly prohibited in any of the studios, practice rooms, tech lab or costume lab.

Dress code

In order to maintain a professional environment, all students must attend class in proper dress code (see below).  Dress code is strictly enforced.

Theatre & Music: Please wear clothing that is comfortable to move in and free of graphics and text.  No dresses or skirts, please.  Remove any jewelry that may hinder movement.  For some classes with a musical theatre or dance focus, dance shoes may be required. 
Technical Theatre & Design: Traditional technical theatre dress code requires black attire.  Jewelry and loose-fitting clothing that pose a danger or hazard while working with technical and design equipment are prohibited. Any tools (like wrenches) must be secured to your clothing.
Dance: Proper dance attire and neatness are required for all dance classes.  No holes or runs in tights/leotards.  All dancers must have their hair in a secured bun and away from their faces (ponytail okay for children under 7).  Jewelry is not permitted.  Appropriate and properly fitted footwear (leather or canvas) must be worn for each class (no Payless shoes, please).  Skirts and shorts are not allowed.  Additional dress codes vary by class and level (below).  Please note that if a student arrives to class with the incorrect dress code color for his/her class, they will not be able to participate in class.  See individual class description for details.

For dance dress code questions, conact:

Jennifer Agbay, director of dance

Ballet class dress code

Mommy and Me: White tank leotard from Motionwear or Capezio, white ankle socks.
Creative Movement I and II:  White tank leotard from Motionwear or Capezio, white ankle socks.
Pre-Ballet:  Pink tank leotard from Motionwear or Capezio, white ankle socks.
Primary I:  Pink tank leotard from Motionwear or Capezio, pink tights.
Primary II:  Light Blue tank leotard from Motionwear or Capezio, pink tights.
Primary III: Royal Blue tank leotard from Motionwear or Capezio, pink tights.
Teen Ballet: Hunter Green camisole leotard from Motionwear or capezio, pink tights.
Level A: Candy Pink tank leotard from Motionwear or Capezio, pink tights.
Level B: Scarlet red leotard from Motionwear only, pink tights.
Level C:  Burgundy camisole leotard from Motionwear or Capezio, pink tights.
Level D:  Black leotard any style, pink tights.
Level E:  Black leotard any style, pink tights, red waist band.
All Boys:  White T-shirts, black tights, leggings or shorts, white socks, black ballet slippers. A classic men’s dance belt should also be worn.
Youth Ballet Company (Senior):  Black leotard any style, pink tights-on the 2nd Saturday of each month any color leotard is allowed.
Youth Ballet Company (Junior):  Any style white leotard, pink tights.
Youth Ballet Company (Apprentice):  Butter camisole leotard from Motionwear, pink tights.
Adult Ballet: Any style and color leotard.

Enrichment class dress code

Contemporary: Any style and color leotard, black footless tights.
Dance Improvisation: Any style and color leotard, black footless tights.
Jazz:  Black leotard any style, black footless tights.
Modern:  Any style and color leotard, black footless tights.
Tap: Black oxford style tap shoes (Capezio Premiere preferred), black capris-length leggings or shorts, black top (leotard, tank top, or t-shirt), no socks.  Tights are not required. Hair in a ponytail. Adults may wear any style dance or workout attire.
Variations: Any style and color leotard, pink tights.
West African Dance: Any clothing that is comfortable to move in and free of graphics, logos and text.
Zumba: Any style dance or workout attire.