Work and learn in one of Pollstar’s Top Theatres in the World! The Hanover Theatre offers college internship opportunities relevant to the world of the performing arts including:

Acting Assistant childrens (internship description)
Acting Assistant pre-teen (internship description)
Accompanist teen (internship description)
Audio pre-teen (internship description)
Costume Design
Dance Assistant childrens 
(internship description)
Dance Assistant pre-teen (internship description)
Development (summer internship only - internship description)
Finance & HR  (internship description)
Graphic Design (internship description)

Lighting Design
Marketing & PR
(internship description)
Music assistant childrens 
(internship description)
Music assistant/accompanist pre-teen (internship description)
Operations & Management
Sound Engineering
Stage Management teen (internship description)

“Having the chance to intern at The Hanover Theatre was literally a life changing event. Being immersed in the world of professional theatre sparked a passion in me for live event production. The experiences I had and the people I worked with gave me the tools I needed to become successful. In this industry there is no way to succeed without on the job experience, and experience on the level that the Hanover offers meant accelerated learning and opportunities to break into the field right away.”
- Kevin Thurber, A1 / Sound Supervisor for the Boston Conservatory at Berklee

With spring, summer, and fall semester opportunities, professional work experience helps students fulfill requirements, as well as learn in a hands-on environment.

Internship timeframes:

Spring internship – mid-January to mid-May. Application deadline = Jan 15

Summer internship – June to end of August. Application deadline = March 1

Fall internship – September to mid-December. Application deadline = July 31

Please submit cover letter, resume and which internship you are interested in.

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